Production & value

Processes and transparency

Sustainable added value is something that is close to our hearts, both in production and when it comes to dealing with customers. That is why the Novem Group designs manufacturing processes that are economical, flexible and transparent. When the goal is continuous improvement, the journey is the goal.

Series implementation

Our strengths lie in maintaining high quality while adhering to deadlines. At Novem, we align our processes perfectly with customer requirements: that is why we pay close attention to the relationship between development, engineering, tool construction and production in our serial production process.

Under these conditions, our experience in the serial implementation of high-quality trim elements and decorative function elements in car interiors has grown over the past 70 years. We use a variety of processes including sanding, brushing, moulding, anodising or screen printing with open-pore, high gloss or silky matt varnish to finish surfaces of aluminium, natural wood, technical veneer, carbon and premium synthetics.

Passion and reliability characterise the diversity of Novem production. Standardised processes, constant development and customisable trim elements are the key to guaranteeing Novem quality.

Value-adding processes

We attach value to each individual part of our products. Our employees work together to get the most out of the trim elements. Our production combines classic manufacturing processes and efficient high-tech production with a clear focus on value, creating products that are more than the sum of their parts.

Years of tradition and progressive innovation come together at Novem to form a corporate strategy that allows for development, production and marketing from one source.

Our trim elements are the result of shared effort, continuous improvement and conscientious management. This is supported by concepts like kaizen and lean management, which are important elements of the Novem work culture.


Video: Production at Novem

Novem sets standards in production with the materials of the future.
The skill and experience of Novem is evident in production.
(Video 2020)