Design meets technology

In the future, more will be required of interior surfaces than just design and sustainability. Interior functionalities are also becoming increasingly complex. Light affords greater interactivity, both in terms of ambience and signalling. Integrated functions turn trim elements into control elements which blend homogeneously into the interior.

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Material design

Novem pushes the boundaries of possibility. Using new materials such as rattan, linen and glass fibres, Novem redefines the atmosphere in the car interior. Decorative textile features consisting of metal threads in jacquard fabrics or linen lend a special look and feel. The combination of stone and wood, in turn, radiates an exclusive touch. Novem perfects aluminium material using magnet technology and adds variety to surfaces by finishing with digital or screen print. Combined with light, the futuristic designs of Novem are born.

Not only do the special material properties have a direct influence on the design and atmosphere of the interior, they are also specifically selected to comply with the criteria of sustainability, reduced weight and cost effectiveness.

Light solutions

Light impacts wellness and warmth, not only highlighting the surfaces but also creating an atmosphere that makes the interior seem more valuable. Novem uses accentuated light concepts to create scenarios with subtle backlighting using surface light or a special day-and-night design. Novem designs attractive light solutions for the interiors of the future based on the latest technical advancements.


Integrated function

Functionality, aesthetics and sustainability; Novem trim elements are masters of harmonious integration. We integrate operating functions into our high-quality surfaces and highlight the icons with lighting or tactile and acoustic feedback. The look and feel of the materials merge to form a flowing entity. These trim elements with integrated functions fit in even the smallest of areas. Reducing components in production guarantees sustainability, making Novem a global trendsetter once again.

Hidden function

At Novem, simple elegance conceals hidden functions (on demand). The trim elements feature seamless surfaces which reveal their hidden integrated technology on demand. Temperature, volume and time appear only on cue, preserving the purity of the interior design. This seamless design pushes the look and feel of the real material to the forefront while still allowing customers to enjoy all of the desired functions.