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Wood, aluminium, carbon or premium synthetics; with its variety of materials and expertise in technical workmanship, Novem is setting new standards in car interiors. We use only the highest quality materials for our products in order to satisfy our quality standards and open up new, innovative design possibilities.

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Nature meets high-tech:

a perfect match

Novem has been involved in the traditional wood sector for almost 70 years. No other material is as authentic, classy or natural. But for us, wood is more than just wood. We implement new technologies and material combinations to constantly reinvent this elegant raw material. Creative production and finishing processes accentuate the unique properties and beauty of the different wood surfaces: for example, we expose open-pore surfaces or treat the wood with varnish. Depending on the finish, the raw material can boast a lustrous shimmer or appear pleasantly warm. The possible applications are virtually limitless.

Sporty elegance and

cool functionality

Modern and sporty: these are attributes best used to describe the lightweight metal aluminium. Our aluminium surfaces boast sophistication, character and confident style. We use modern processing methods such as printing, varnishing, brushing and sanding to bring out the distinctive texture and cool appeal of the metal. At the end of the production process, we finish the aluminium with a protective coat of varnish.


The material of the future

Carbon is a lightweight material with fantastic prospects. When it comes to adventure, speed and sport, nothing comes close the dynamics and efficiency of this lightweight raw material. Carbon is also extremely shockproof and strong. But that is not the only reason why this material, which is made of carbon fibres, is ideal for our products. Carbon also has a timeless beauty. We apply high-quality coatings to accentuate its sophisticated look and discreet appeal. This results in unique 3D effects and a fascinating depth effect.

Versatile in form and function

No material has as dynamic a surface and as versatile design possibilities as our premium plastics. As a material they can be processed, moulded and used in countless different ways. We use creative processing technologies to constantly redefine and recreate our plastics in terms of design. These range from surface printing to create three-dimensional depth effects to finishing technology using heavy duty varnishes. We achieve top notch design results by using the latest injection moulding, such as 2K technology or over-spraying and back-injection. All of our processes can be specifically adapted to meet the individual needs of our customers.


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Be inspired by trends that redesign the interior. With our years of experience, we bring together outstanding ideas with the latest technologies and implement customer wishes.