Sustainability at Novem

Social and environmental responsibility

For the Novem Group, sustainability means creating value for both the environment and people. Acting sustainably means adhering to environmental standards, protecting resources, developing products sustainably and acting responsibility towards our employees. Novem acts resolutely to make changes possible.

Focus on environmental protection

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the Novem Group as a manufacturing company has a strong focus on environmental protection. Being energy efficient and reducing greenhouse gases keeps our ecological footprint to a minimum. Carefully selecting materials, handling resources efficiently and adhering to environmental standards at our sites and through our suppliers and business partners are all part of this. It is with this in mind that Novem drew up the first sustainability report, clearly defining environmental protection as the core responsibility of Novem.

"Responsibility and commitment for a company can only flourish in a work environment that permits diversity and guarantees equal opportunities and equal treatment. At Novem, we take this responsibility seriously.”

Markus Wittmann, CEO

Focus on resource protection

At Novem, protecting the environment, saving energy and managing resources responsibly are clear corporate goals. We consider the entire life cycle of our products, from raw material procurement to production, right down to utilisation. When it comes to setting up quality and environmental management systems, we support our business partners through coordinators for Environment, Health and Safety (EHS coordinators) and by monitoring the relevant measures. Novem uses binding impact assessments to measure tangible environmental impact and continuously tracks its environmental objectives by way of the central EHS Department.

Focus on people and society

At Novem, individuals and their knowledge, health and safety are at the centre of our corporate policy. We take responsibility for the working conditions and advancement of our employees while contributing to societal progress at our locations by way of social commitment. In addition to a fair and trusting environment, our corporate strategy is primarily based on the applicable corporate values of responsibility, excellence, innovation and commitment. Novem has set out this identity and the resulting requirements in its Code of Conduct, which applies to all suppliers and business partners.

The supplier handbook also describes concrete standards that apply across the Group when it comes to supplier relationships, including the elimination of conflict materials and the implementation of the EU chemicals regulation. In addition, Novem supports a working environment that allows diversity, guarantees equal opportunities and equal treatment, and which opposes discrimination of any kind.